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The Customs Act, 1969

( ACT NO. IV OF 1969 )

Chapter VIII


Officers’ powers of access, etc.
62. (1) Every officer deputed as aforesaid shall have free access to every part of the conveyance and may-
(a) cause any goods to be marked before they are unloaded from that conveyance;
(b) lock up, seal, mark or otherwise secure any goods carried in the conveyance or any place or container in which they are carried; or
(c) fasten down any hatchway or entrance to the hold.
(2) If any box, place or closed receptacle in any such conveyance be locked, and the key be withheld, such officer shall export the same to the appropriate officer, who may thereupon issue to the officer on board the conveyance or to any other officer under his authority, a written order for search.
(3) On production of such order, the officer empowered thereunder may require that any such box, place or closed receptacle be opened in his presence; and if it be not opened upon his requisition, he may break open the same.

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