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The Customs Act, 1969

( ACT NO. IV OF 1969 )

Chapter XVIII


Power to stop and search conveyances
164. (1) Where the appropriate officer has reason to believe that within the territories of Bangladesh (including territorial waters) any conveyance has been, is being, or is about to be, used in the smuggling of any goods or in the carriage of any smuggled goods, he may at any time stop any such conveyance or, in the case of an aircraft, compel it to land, and-
(a) rummage and search any part of the conveyance;
(b) examine and search any goods thereon; and
(c) break open the lock of any door, fixture or package for making search.
(2) Where in the circumstances referred to in sub-section (1)-
(a) it becomes necessary to stop any vessel or compel any aircraft to land, it shall be lawful for any vessel or aircraft in the service of the Government while flying her proper flag or bearing flag marks and any authority authorised in this behalf by the Government to summon such vessel to stop or the aircraft to land, by means of an international signal, code or other recognised means, and thereupon such vessel shall forthwith stop or such aircraft shall forthwith land, and fails to do so, chase may be given there to by any vessel or aircraft as aforesaid and if after a gun is fired as a signal the vessel fails to stop or the aircraft fails to land, it may be fired upon;
(b) it becomes necessary to stop any conveyance other than a vessel or aircraft, the appropriate officer may use or cause to be used all lawful means for stopping it or preventing it escape including, if all other means fail, firing upon it.

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