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The Customs Act, 1969

( ACT NO. IV OF 1969 )

Chapter XX


Recovery of money upon certain documents
213. If any person knowingly makes or brings into Bangladesh, or causes or authorises or is otherwise concerned in the making or bringing into Bangladesh of any invoice or paper used or intended to be used as an invoice for the purposes of customs, in which any goods are entered or charged at a price or value higher or lower than that actually paid or intended to be paid for them, or in which goods are falsely described, no sum of money shall be recoverable by such person, his representatives or assigns, for the price of such goods or any part thereof, nor shall any sum of money be recoverable upon any bill of exchange, note or other security made, given or executed for the whole or part of the price of such goods unless such bill of exchange, note or other security is in the hands of a bona fide holder for consideration without notice.

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