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The Census Order, 1972 (President's Order)


5. (1) If the Deputy Commissioner, or any authority authorised in this behalf by the Government, by an order in writing so directs,-
(a) every officer in command of any body of men belonging to naval, military or air force of Bangladesh or of any vessel of war,
(b) every person, other than a pilot or harbour-master, having charge or control of a vessel,
(c) every person in charge of a lunatic asylum, hospital, workhouse, prison, reformatory or lock-up or of any public charitable, religious or educational institution,
(d) every keeper, owner, secretary or manager of any sarai, hotel, boarding-house, lodging house, emigration depot, or club,
(e) every manager or officer of a railway, or any commercial or industrial establishment or trading concern, and
(f) every occupant of immovable property wherein persons are living at the time of taking census, shall, in relation to the persons who, at the time of the taking of the census, are under his command or charge, or are inmates of his sarai, hotel, house, depot or club or are employed under him or are present on or in such immovable property, perform such duties of a Census Officer as may be required by such order.
(2) The provisions of this Order relating to a Census Officer shall, so far as may be apply to a person performing the duties of a Census Officer in pursuance of an order under clause (1).
(3) Whoever refuses or neglects to perform the duties which he is directed under clause (1) to perform shall be deemed to have committed an offence under section 187 of the Penal Code (XLV of 1860).

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