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The Census Order, 1972 (President's Order)


9. (1) Subject to any rule made in this behalf, a Census Officer may within the local limits of his jurisdiction leave or cause to be left a Schedule prescribed for the purpose at any dwelling house or with the manager or any officer of any commercial or industrial establishment or trading concern, for the purpose of its being filled up by the occupier of such house or of any specified part thereof, or by such manager or officer with respect to such particulars regarding the inmates of such house or part or the persons employed under such manager or officer during the time of the taking of the census, as may be specified in the Schedule.
(2) When a Schedule has been left under clause (1), the occupier, manager or officer concerned shall fill it up or cause it to be filled up as required by that clause to the best of his knowledge or belief, sign his name thereto and deliver it to the Census Officer or to such person as the Census Officer may direct.

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