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The Vaccination Act, 1880

( ACT NO. V OF 1880 )


Occupier of house, etc., to allow access
13A. Every person occupying any house, enclosure, vessel or other place within the limits of the town or port of Chittagong, or the suburbs of Chittagong, shall allow the Superintendent of Vaccination, or a medical practitioner, or public vaccinator or Inspector duly authorized by him in this behalf, such access thereto as he may require for the purpose of ascertaining whether the inmates are protected or not, and as, having regard to the customs of the country, may be reasonable.
Whenever it is necessary to ascertain whether a woman is protected or not, the investigation shall be conducted by a female with strict regard to the habits and customs of the country.
Public vaccine-stations
14. For the purposes of this Act, the Deputy Commissioner may, subject to the approval of the Government, appoint such stations for the performance of vaccination as he may, from time to time, deem fit.
Such stations shall be called "public vaccine-stations".
The Deputy Commissioner may appoint such public vaccinators and vaccination establishments for carrying out the purposes of this Act as he may, from time to time, deem fit.
Notification of stations and hours of attendance
The positions of the public vaccine-stations fixed under the provisions of this section, and the days and hours of the public vaccinators' attendance at each station, shall be published, from time to time, in such manner as the Deputy Commissioner may direct.
Power of Deputy Commissioner to make rules
15. The Deputy Commissioner may, from time to time, make such rules, consistent with this Act, as he may deem fit, for regulating the expenses of such vaccination establishments aforesaid, the payment of public vaccinators and Inspectors, and the realization and scale of fees under this Act.
Superintendent of Vaccination
16. The Civil Surgeon of a district, or such other officer as the Government may, from time to time, appoint in that behalf, shall, in that district, exercise the powers and perform the duties by this Act assigned to the Superintendent of Vaccination.
Such officer, subject to the orders of the Government, shall have a general control over all the proceedings of public vaccinators and Inspectors, and shall perform such duties in connection with public vaccination, in addition to those prescribed by this Act, as shall be required by the Government.
17. [Omitted by the East Pakistan Repealing and Amending Ordinance, 1962 (Ordinance No. XIII of 1962).]
Annual return to be made of the number of children vaccinated, etc.
32. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent of Vaccination to show in an annual return the number of children successfully vaccinated, the number whose vaccination has been postponed, and the number certified to be insusceptible of successful vaccination during the year; and generally to fill up any forms that may be prescribed, from time to time, by the Government.
Government to make rules
33. The Government may, from time to time, make rules or issue orders, consistent with this Act,-
(a) determining the qualifications to be required of public vaccinators and Inspectors;
(b) regulating the scale of fees to be paid;
(c) regulating the gratuitous vaccination of such females as are by the custom of the country unable to attend at the public vaccine-stations and are too poor to pay fees;
(d) providing for the supply of lymph;
(e) regulating the books and forms to be kept by the public vaccinators and Inspectors or by Registrars, and also such forms as shall be required for the signature of medical practitioners under the provisions of this Act; and generally
(f) for the guidance of public vaccinators and Inspectors and others in all matters connected with the working of this Act.
All such rules or orders shall be published in the official Gazette.

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