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The Vaccination Act, 1880

( ACT NO. V OF 1880 )


Magistrate may make an order for the vaccination of any unprotected child under fourteen years
26. If the Superintendent of Vaccination shall notify in writing to a Magistrate that he has reason to believe, from the statement of an informant or otherwise, that any child under the age of fourteen years is an unprotected child, and that he has given notice to the parent or guardian of such child to procure its being vaccinated, and that the said notice has been disregarded, such Magistrate may summon such parent or guardian to appear with the child before him; and if the Magistrate shall find, after such inquiry as he shall deem necessary, that the child is an unprotected child, he may, whether the child has been produced or not, make an order directing such child to be vaccinated within a certain time.

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