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The Vaccination Act, 1880

( ACT NO. V OF 1880 )


Penalty for disobedience of such order
If the child is at any time produced before him, the Magistrate may, unless the child is certified under section 5 to be in a state unfit for vaccination, order it to be vaccinated forthwith in his presence, and in that case may punish such parent or guardian, for any recusancy under this clause, with fine which shall not exceed five Taka.
If, at the expiration of the time appointed by the Magistrate, the child shall not have been vaccinated, or shall not be shown to be then unfit to be vaccinated, or to be insusceptible of vaccination, the person upon whom such order shall have been made shall, unless he can show some reasonable ground for his omission to carry the order into effect, be punished with fine which may extend to fifty Taka:
Provided that if the Magistrate shall be of opinion that the person is improperly brought before him, and shall refuse to make an order for the vaccination of the child, he may direct the said Superintendent to disclose the name of his informant, if any, and may order such informant to pay to such persons such sum of money as the Magistrate shall consider a fair compensation for expenses and loss of time in attending before him:
Provided also that nothing in this section shall be held to compel the production before a Magistrate of any female child above the age of eight years.

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