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The Representation of the People Order, 1972 (President's Order)


Chapter II


6. (1) The Government or an Officer authorised by it in this behalf, may upon a request made in this behalf by the Commission, by an order in writing, requisition any such vehicle or vessel as is needed or is likely to be needed for the purpose of transporting to and from any polling station ballot boxes or other election materials or any Officer or other person engaged for the performance of any duties in connection with the election:




Provided that no vehicle or vessel which is being used by a candidate or his election agent for any purpose connected with the election of such candidate shall be so requisitioned.


(2) Any person authorised in this behalf by the Government may take possession of any vehicle or vessel requisitioned under clause (1) and may for that purpose use such force including police force, as may be reasonably necessary.


(3) Where any vehicle or vessel is requisitioned under clause (1), there shall be paid to the owner thereof compensation the amount of which shall be determined by the Government or the officer requisitioning the vehicle or vessel on the basis of the fares and rates prevailing in the locality for its hire:


Provided that where the owner of the vehicle or vessel being aggrieved by the amount of compensation so determined, makes an application to the Government within period of thirty days from the date the amount has been determined for the matter being referred to an arbitrator the amount of compensation to be paid shall be such as the arbitrator appointed in this behalf by the Government may determine.

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