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The Representation of the People Order, 1972 (President's Order)


Chapter III


25. (1) The Presiding Officer of a polling station shall stop the poll and inform the Returning Officer that he has done so if-
(a) the poll at the polling station is, at any time, so interrupted or obstructed for reason beyond the control of the Presiding Officer that it cannot be resumed during the polling hours fixed under Article 24: or
(b) any ballot box used at the polling station is unlawfully taken out of the custody of the Presiding Officer, or is accidentally or intentionally destroyed or lost, or is damaged or tampered with to such an extent that the result of the poll at the polling station cannot be ascertained.
(2) Where a poll has been stopped under clause (1), the Returning Officer shall immediately report the circumstances to the Commission and the Commission shall direct a fresh poll at that polling station, unless it is satisfied that the result of the election has been determined by the polling station, taken with the results of the polling at other polling stations in the same constituency.
(3) Where the Commission orders a fresh poll under clause (2), the Returning Officer shall, with the approval of the Commission¬-
(a) appoint a day for a fresh poll and fix the place at which and the hours during which such fresh poll shall be taken; and
(b) give public notice of the day so appointed and the place and hours so fixed.
(4) At a fresh poll taken under clause (3) at a polling station, all electors entitled to vote thereat shall be allowed to vote and no vote cast at the poll stopped under clause (1) shall be counted; and the provisions of this Order and the rules and orders made thereunder shall apply to such fresh poll.

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