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The Representation of the People Order, 1972 (President's Order)


Chapter III


37. (1) The Returning Officer shall give the contesting candidates and their election agents a notice in writing of the day, time and place for the consolidation of the results and, in the presence of such of the contesting candidates and election agents as may be present, consolidate in the prescribed manner the results of the count furnished by the Presiding Officer, including, therein the postal ballots received by him before the time aforesaid.
(2) Before consolidating the results of the count, the Returning Officer shall examine the ballot papers excluded from the count by the Presiding Officer and, if he finds that any such ballot paper should not have been so excluded, count it as a ballot paper cast in favour of the contesting candidate for whom the vote has been cast thereby.
(3) The Returning Officer shall also count the ballot papers received by him by post in such manner as may be prescribed and include the votes cast in favour of each contesting candidate in the consolidated statement except those which he may reject on any of the grounds mentioned in clause (4) of Article 36.
(4) The ballot papers rejected by the Returning Officer under clause (3) shall be shown separately in the consolidated statement.
(5) The Returning Officer shall not recount the valid ballot papers in respect of any polling station unless-
(a) the count by the Presiding Officer is challenged in writing by a contesting candidate or his election agent and the Returning Officer is satisfied about the reasonableness of the challenge; or
(b) he is directed so to do by the Commission.

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