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The Representation of the People Order, 1972 (President's Order)


Chapter V


66. (1) Where, after the conclusion of the trial, it appears that there is an equality of votes between two or more contesting candidates, and the addition of one vote for one such candidate would entitle him to be declared elected, the High Court Division shall so inform the Commission. In the event that no appeal is filed against the decision of the High Court Division, the Commission shall, after expiry of the period specified for the filing of an appeal, direct a fresh poll to be taken in respect of the said candidate, and fix a date for such poll, but otherwise, the Commission shall await the result of the appeal and shall act as above only if the decision of the High Court Division is uphold in appeal on all points.
(2) All the provisions of this Order relating to polling, counting of votes, preparation of ballot paper account declaration of result and preservation and inspection of documents shall apply to the fresh poll as at an election held under the provisions of this order.

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