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The Finance Act, 1973

( ACT NO. XI OF 1973 )

Toll on Vessels Plying on Inland Waters
11. (1) During the period from the 1st day of July, 1973 to the 30th day of June, 1974 (both days inclusive), there shall be levied and collected a toll on every mechanically propelled vessel registered under the Inland Mechanically Propelled Vessels Act, 1917 (I of 1917), plying on inland waters at the rates specified below, namely:-
Description of vessels Rate of Toll
(a) Vessels for carrying passengers for hire. On the maximum registered passenger carrying capacity at the rate of Taka ten per passenger.
(b) Vessels for carrying cargo Taka two per ton on the maximum registered cargo carrying capacity.
(c) Other vessels and crafts Taka ten per brake horse power or fraction thereof:
Provided that if a vessel remains idle for breakdown of engine or otherwise for a continuous period exceeding three months in the year, toll payable shall be reduced in such proportion as the period or the aggregate of such periods for which the vessel remained idle bears to the year for which the toll is payable, subject to the condition that the owner of the vessel shall give a notice to the Assessing Officer within 15 days from the first day the vessel remained idle, failing which he shall not be entitled to any relief on account of the idle period:
Provided further that Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, exempt any vessel or class of vessels from payment of toll under this sub-section.
Explanation I.- Vessels carrying both passengers and cargo shall be charged on the total of the maximum registered carrying capacity of passengers and cargo at the rate specified in sub-clause (a) and (b).
Explanation II.- For the purpose of sub-clause (c) one nominal horse power shall be calculated as equivalent to 5.65 brake horse power.
Explanation III.- Where there are more than one maximum registered passenger carrying capacity, the maximum registered passenger carrying capacity shall mean the highest one.
(2) The toll shall be payable by the owner or charterer of the vessel.
(3) The Government may make rules regulating the procedure for the assessment, collection and payment of the toll and other matters incidental to its levy.
Explanation.- In this section and in sections 12 and 15 “mechanically propelled vessel” and “inland water” have the same meaning as in the Inland Mechanically Propelled Vessels Act, 1917 (I of 1917).

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