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The Printing Presses and Publications (Declaration and Registration) Act, 1973

( ACT NO. XXIII OF 1973 )

Registration of memoranda of books
27. There shall be kept at such office, and by such officer as the Government may appoint, a book to be called a Catalogue of Books wherein shall be registered, as soon as may be after the delivery of every book in pursuance of the provisions of section 24, a memorandum of the book so delivered, and such memorandum shall, so far as may be practicable, contain the following particulars, namely:-
(a) the title of the book and the contents of the title page, with a translation into Bengali of such title and contents, when the same are not in the Bengali language,
(b) the language in which the book is written,
(c) the name of the author, translator or editor of the book or any part thereof,
(d) the subject,
(e) the place of printing and the place of publication,
(f) the name of the printer and the name of the publisher,
(g) the date of issue from the press or of the publication,
(h) the number of sheets, leaves or pages,
(i) the number of the editions,
(j) the number of copies of which the edition consists,
(k) whether the book is printed or lithographed,
(l) the price at which the book is sold to the public, and
(m) the name and residence of the proprietor of the copyright or of any portion of such copyright.
Publication of the memoranda of books
28. The memoranda registered during each quarter in the said Catalogue of Books shall be published in the official Gazette as soon as may be after the end of such quarter.

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