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The Chittagong University Act, 1973

( ACT NO. XXXIII OF 1973 )

The Faculties
30. (1) The University shall include the Faculties of Arts, Science, Social Sciences, Commerce, Law, Medicine, Education and Engineering and may divide or combine existing Faculties and create new Faculties in such manner as may be prescribed by the Statutes.
(2) Each Faculty shall, subject to the control of the Academic Council, have charge of the teaching and the courses of studies and research work in such subjects as may be assigned to such Faculty by the Statutes and the University Ordinances.
(3) The constitution, powers and functions of the Faculties shall be such as are prescribed by the Statutes and the University Ordinances.
(4) Faculties shall be advisory bodies whose decisions shall go through the Academic Council to the Syndicate for giving effect.
(5) There shall be a Dean of each Faculty who shall be responsible for the due observance of the Statutes, University Ordinances and Regulations relating to the Faculty.
(6) The Dean of each Faculty shall be elected from among the Professors and Associate Professors of the Faculty by all the teachers of the departments belonging to the Faculty and he shall hold office for two years.

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