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The Chittagong University Act, 1973

( ACT NO. XXXIII OF 1973 )


General Provision relating to colleges
49. (1) Every affiliated non-Government college shall be a public educational institution; and the whole of its funds shall be appropriated to its own educational purposes and shall be fully controlled by its Governing Body.
(2) Each affiliated non-Government college or institution shall be managed by a regularly constituted Governing Body. The constitution, powers and duties of the Governing Body shall be such as may be prescribed by the Statutes:
Provided that the Governing Body of the affiliated Government college shall be constituted according to the rules framed by the Government.
(3) The Principal or Head of a college shall be responsible for the internal administration and discipline of the college.
(4) Every college shall satisfy the Syndicate that adequate financial provision is available for its continued and efficient maintenance, either in the form of an endowment or by an undertaking given by the body maintaining it.
(5) Tuition and other fees fixed by a college shall not be below the minimum rates or above the maximum rates prescribed by the University Ordinances in this behalf.
(6) Every college shall comply with the relevant Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of the University.
(7) Admission of the students to a college shall be subject to the conditions prescribed by the University Ordinances and Regulations in this behalf.
(8) Each college or institution shall ordinarily conform to the University terms, vacations and holidays.
(9) Every college shall maintain such registers and records as may be prescribed by the University Ordinances and furnish such statistical and other information as the University may, from time to time, specify.
(10) Every college shall submit each year, by a date to be fixed by the Syndicate, a report to the Syndicate, on the working of the college during the previous year, giving the particulars and circumstances of any change in the staff on the management, the number of students and a statement of income and expenditure and such other information as may be required.
(11) When a college ceases to exist with the sanction of the University, the disposal of its assets, where not specifically provided for, shall be settled by the Governing Body and the University in consultation with the Government. If these Bodies fail to reach an agreement, the Government shall appoint an arbitrator whose decision shall be final.
(12) Every Governing Body shall maintain a Provident Fund for the benefit of members of its teaching staff in accordance with rules prescribed by the Government.
(13) All trust funds belonging to a non-Government college or under the control of the Governing Body shall be shown separately in the accounts of the college.
(14) Investment of funds belonging to a non-Government college or under the control of the Governing body shall be made in property and securities authorised by law for the investment of trust funds of such other classes of security as may, from time to time, be approved by the Government.
(15) The salaries, grades and conditions of service including efficiency and discipline rules for all teachers employed by non-Government affiliated colleges shall be determined by University Ordinances.

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