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The Public Servants (Retirement) Act, 1974

( ACT NO. XII Of 1974 )

2. In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,-
(a) “corporation” means any body corporate constituted or established by or under any law and includes any other body or organisation set up by the Government;
(b) “nationalised enterprise” includes any commercial or industrial enterprise, bank, firm, tea estate or any other enterprise owned by or vested in the Government or any corporation or local authority;
(c) “physician” means any holder of medical licence, diploma or degree engaged in the prevention, cure or treatment of diseases of man;
(d) “public servant” includes any person who is, for the time being, in the service of the Republic or of any corporation, nationalised enterprise or local authority or who, on the basis of having at any time been in the service of Pakistan, purports to claim any right to employment in the service of the Republic, but does not include any person who-
(i) is a member of any defence service,
(ii) is a teacher or employee of any University,
(iii) is employed in or under a commission, committee or board set up for a temporary period for specified purposes,
(iv) is a contingent or work-charged employee or a worker as defined in the State-owned Manufacturing Industries Workers (Terms and Conditions of Service) Ordinance 1973 (XXIII of 1973),
(v) holds any office which is filled by election or nomination under any law, or
(vi) holds any office the tenure of which is determined by or under any law;
(e) “Republic” means the People's Republic of Bangladesh;
(f) “teacher” means any person engaged in teaching.

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