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The Bangladesh Jute Research Institute Act, 1974

( ACT NO. XIII Of 1974 )

Functions of the Institute
8. The functions of Institute shall be-
(a) to 1[* * *] promote agricultural, technological and economic research on jute and allied fibres and their manufactures and dissemination of results thereof;
(b) to organise production, testing and supply of improved pedigree of jute seeds and multiplication procurement and their distribution to recognised organisations, selected growers and such other agencies as may be approved by the Board;
(c) to set up research centres, sub-stations, pilot projects and farms in different regions of the country for carrying out research on different problems of jute and allied fibre crops, jute products and allied materials;
(d) to establish project areas for demonstration of new varieties of jute developed by the Institute and to train the farmers for cultivation of those varieties of jute;
(e) to publish annual reports, monograms, bulletins, and other literatures relating to jute research and the activities of the Institute;
(f) to organise training of officers and progressive farmers in modern improved method of jute and cultivation of allied fibre crops and also to train technical hands for utilisation of technological research findings; and
(g) to do and perform such other activities as may be necessary for the purposes of this Act.

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    The words and comma “regulate, control and” were omitted by section 8 of the Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (Amendment) Act, 1996 (Act No. VIII of 1996)
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