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The Trusts Act, 1882

( ACT NO. II OF 1882 )

Chapter VI


Right to proper trustees
60. The beneficiary has a right (subject to the provisions of the instrument of trust) that the trust-property shall be properly protected and held and administered by proper persons and by a proper number of such persons.
Explanation I - The following are not proper persons within the meaning of this section:-
A person domiciled abroad: an alien enemy: a person having an interest inconsistent with that of the beneficiary: a person in insolvent circumstances; and, unless the personal law of the beneficiary allows otherwise, a married woman and a minor.
Explanation II - When the administration of the trust involves the receipt and custody of money, the number of trustees should be two at least.
(a) A, one of several beneficiaries, proves that B, the trustee, has improperly disposed of part of the trust-property, or that the property is in danger from B's being in insolvent circumstances, or that he is incapacitated from acting as trustee. A may obtain a receiver of the trust-property.
(b) A bequeaths certain jewels to B in trust for C. B dies during A's life time; then A dies. C is entitled to have the property conveyed to a trustee for him.
(c) A conveys certain property to four trustees in trust for B. Three of the trustee die. B may institute a suit to have three new trustees appointed in the place of the deceased trustees.
(d) A conveys certain property to three trustees in trust for B. All the trustees disclaim. B may institute a suit to have three trustees appointed in place of the trustees so disclaiming.
(e) A, a trustee for B, refuses to act, or goes to reside permanently out of Bangladesh or is declared an insolvent, or compounds with his creditors, or suffers a co-trustee to commit a breach of trust. B may institute a suit to have A removed and a new trustee appointed in his room.

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