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The Trusts Act, 1882

( ACT NO. II OF 1882 )

Chapter VI


Following trust-property- into the hands of third persons; into that into which it has been converted
63. Where trust-property comes into the hands of a third person inconsistently with the trust, the beneficiary may require him to admit formally, or may institute a suit for a declaration, that the property is comprised in the trust.
Where the trustee has disposed of trust-property and the money or other property which he has received therefor can be traced in his hands, or the hands of his legal representative or legatee, the beneficiary has, in respect thereof, rights as merely as may be the same as his rights in respect of the original trust-property.
(a) A, a trustee for B of Tk. 10,000, wrongfully invests Tk. 10,000 in the purchase of certain land.. B is entitled to the land.
(b) A, a trustee, wrongfully purchases land in his own name, partly with his own money, partly with money subject to a trust for B. B is entitled to a charge on the land for the amount of the trust-money so misemployed.

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