The Children Act, 1974

( ACT NO. XXXIX OF 1974 )

এই আইনটি শিশু আইন, ২০১৩ (২০১৩ সনের ২৪ নং আইন) দ্বারা রহিত করা হইয়াছে ।

An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the custody, protection and treatment of children and trial and punishment of youthful offenders.


WHEREAS it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to the custody, protection and treatment of children and trial and punishment of youthful offenders;


It is hereby enacted as follows:-




1. Short title and commencement

2. Definitions

3. Juvenile Courts

4. Courts empowered to exercise powers of Juvenile Court

5. Powers of Juvenile Courts, etc.

6. No joint trial of child and adult

7. Sittings, etc. of Juvenile Courts

8. Adult to be committed to sessions in a case to be committed to sessions

9. Presence of persons in Juvenile Courts

10. Withdrawal of persons from Courts

11. Dispensing with attendance of child

12. Withdrawal of persons from Court when child is examined as witness

13. Attendance at Court of parent of a child charged with offence, etc.

14. Committal to approved place of child suffering from dangerous disease

15. Factors to be taken into consideration in passing orders by Courts

16. Reports of Probation Officers and other reports to be treated confidential

17. Prohibition on publication of report disclosing identity, etc., of child involved in cases

18. Provisions of Criminal Procedure Code, 1898, to apply unless excluded

19. Establishment and certification of Institutes

20. Remand Homes

21. Conditions for certification or recognition of institutes, etc.

22. Management of certified institutes

23. Consultation with managers

24. Medical inspection of certified institutes and approved homes

25. Power of the Government to withdraw certificate

26. Resignation of certificate by managers

27. Effect of withdrawal or resignation of certificate

28. Disposal of inmates on withdrawal or resignation of certificate

29. Inspection of certified institutes and approved homes

30. Appointment of Chief Inspector, etc.

31. Appointment of Probation Officers

32. Children found homeless, destitute etc.

33. Un-controllable children

34. Penalty for cruelty to child

35. Penalty for employing children for begging

36. Penalty for being drunk while in charge of child

37. Penalty for giving intoxicating liquor or dangerous drug to child

38. Penalty for permitting child to enter places where liquor or dangerous drugs are sold

39. Penalty for inciting child to bet or borrow

40. Penalty for taking on pledge or purchasing articles from child

41. Penalty for allowing child to be in brothel

42. Penalty for causing or encouraging seduction

43. Young girls exposed to risk or seduction

44. Penalty for exploitation of child employees

45. Penalty for abetting escape of child or youthful offender

46. Penalty for publication of report or pictures relating to child

47. Offence under this part cognizable

48. Bail of child arrested

49. Custody of child not enlarged on bail

50. Submission of information to Probation Officer by police after arrest

51. Restrictions on punishment of child

52. Commitment of child to certified institute

53. Power to discharge youthful offenders or to commit him to suitable custody

54. Power to order parent to pay fine, etc.

55. Detention of child in place of safety

56. Court’s power for care and detention of child

57. Victimised child to be sent to Juvenile Court

58. Order for committal of victimised children

59. Supervision of victimised children

60. Breach of supervision

61. Warrant to search for child

62. Contribution of parent

63. Provision as to religion

64. Placing out on licence

65. Action by police with escaped children

66. Presumption and determination of age

67. Discharge

68. Transfer between institutions

69. Compensation for false information

70. Removal of disqualification attaching to conviction

71. Words ÔÇÿconviction’ and ÔÇÿsentenced’ not to be used in relation to children

72. Custodian’s control over child

73.Bonds taken under the Act

74. Chief Inspector, Probation Officers, etc. to be public servants

75. Protection of action taken under the Act

76. Appeals and revisions

77. Power to make rules

78. Repeals etc.