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The Children Act, 1974

( ACT NO. XXXIX OF 1974 )

Warrant to search for child
61. (1) If it appears to a Juvenile Court or a Court empowered under section 4 from information on oath or solemn affirmation laid by any person who, in its opinion, is acting in the interest of the child that there is reasonable cause to suspect that an offence has been or is being committed or unless immediate steps be taken will be committed in respect of the child, the Court may issue a warrant authorising any police officer named therein to search for such child and if it is found that he has been or is being wilfully ill-treated or neglected in the manner hereinbefore stated or that any offence has been or is being committed in respect of the child, to take him to and detain him in a place of safety until he can be brought before it and the Court before which the child is brought may, in the first instance, remand him in the prescribed manner to a place of safety.
(2) The Court issuing a warrant under this section may, by the same warrant, direct that any person accused of any offence in respect of the child be apprehended and brought before it or direct that if such person executes a bond with sufficient sureties for his attendance before the Court at a specified time and thereafter until otherwise directed by the Court the officer to whom the warrant is directed shall take such security and shall release such person from custody.
(3) The police officer executing the warrant shall be accompanied by the person laying the information if such person so desires and may also, if the Court by which the warrant is issued so directs, be accompanied by a duly qualified medical practitioner.
(4) In any information or warrant under this section the name of the child shall be given, if known.

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