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The Children Act, 1974

( ACT NO. XXXIX OF 1974 )

Power to make rules
77. (1) The Government may make rules for carrying out the purposes of this Act.
(2) In particular, and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, such rules may provide for-
(a) the procedure to be followed by Juvenile Courts and other Courts empowered under section 4 in the trial of cases and the hearing of proceedings under this Act;
(b) the places at which, dates on which and the manner in which a Juvenile Court shall hold its sittings under section 7 (1);
(c) the conditions subject to which institutions, industrial schools or other educational institutions shall be certified or approved home shall be recognised for the purposes of this Act;
(d) the establishment, certification, management, maintenance, records and accounts of certified institutes;
(e) the education and training of inmates of certified institutes and the leave of absence of such inmates;
(f) the appointment of visitors and their tenure of office;
(g) the inspection of certified institutes and approved homes;
(h) the internal management and discipline of certified institutes and approved homes;
(i) the conditions subject to which institutions shall be recognised as approved places for the purpose of section 14 (1);
(j) the powers and duties of the Chief Inspector and Probation Officers;
(k) the manner of authorising persons for the purposes of sections 32 and 55;
(l) the form of bond under the proviso to section 58;
(m) the manner in which a child shall be remanded to a place of safety under section 61 (1);
(n) the manner in which contribution for the maintenance of child may be ordered to be paid under section 62 (1);
(o) the condition under which a child may be released on licence and the form of such licence under section 64;
(p) the conditions subject to which a child may be committed to the care of any person under this Act and the obligations of such person towards the child so committed; and
(q) the manner of detention of a child under arrest or remanded to police custody or committed for trial.

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