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The ESSO Undertakings Acquisition Act, 1975

( ACT NO. XVI OF 1975 )

Effect of acquisition
4. (1) All deeds, bonds, agreements, power-of-attorney, grants of legal representation and other instrument of whatever nature in relation to ESSO undertakings subsisting and having effect immediately before the appointed day to which ESSO is a party or which are in favour of ESSO shall be of as full force and effect against or in favour of the Government and may be enforced and acted upon as fully and effectually as if references in such deeds, bonds, contracts, agreements, powers, grants and instruments to ESSO were references to the Government:
Provided that in the case of any contract for any service, sale or supply in Bangladesh, the Government may, by order in writing, terminate the contract or make such alternation or modification of its terms as it may deem fit.
(2) All suits, appeals and other legal proceedings instituted by or against ESSO for the purpose of, or in relation to, ESSO undertakings, before the appointed day, shall be deemed to be suits, appeals and legal proceedings by or against the Government and may be continued and proceeded with accordingly.
(3) Where any property is held by ESSO for the purpose of, or in relation to, ESSO undertakings under any lease or under any right of tenancy the Government shall, without prejudice to the provisions of section 3, be deemed to have become, on the appointed day, the lessee or the tenant, as the case may be, in respect of such property as if the lease or tenancy had been granted to the Government and thereupon all rights under such lease or tenancy, including the right of renewal thereof, shall be deemed to have been transferred to, and vested in, the Government:
Provided that after the expiry of the term of any such lease or tenancy, the Government may continue to hold the property for such period as it may consider necessary on the same terms and conditions on which it was held immediately before such expiry as if the lease or tenancy had been renewed for such period.
(4) Where any question arises as to whether any property appertains to, or is held for the purpose of, or in relation to, ESSO undertakings or any rights, powers, liabilities, or obligations were acquired or incurred, or any contract, agreement or other instrument was made by ESSO for the purpose of, or in relation to, ESSO undertakings or whether any document relates to those purposes the question shall be referred to the Government whose decision thereon shall be final and binding.

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