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The Government Servants (Review of Penalties) Ordinance, 1975

( Ordinance NO. XLVIII OF 1975 )

Review Board
1[3A. (1) The Government shall constitute a Review Board for the purposes of this Ordinance.
(2) The Review Board shall consist of three members, of whom two shall be persons who are or have been Judges of the Supreme Court and the other shall be a person who is or has been a senior officer in the service of the Republic, and they shall be appointed by the Government.
(3) The Government shall appoint one of the members of the Review Board who is or has been a Judge of the Supreme Court to be its Chairman.
(4) In this section, “Supreme Court” includes a Court which at any time before the commencement of the Constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh exercised jurisdiction as a High Court in the territory of Bangladesh.]

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    Section 3A was inserted by section 3 of the Government Servants (Review of Penalties) (Amendment) Ordinance, 1975 (Ordinance No. LVIII of 1975)
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