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The Land Improvement Loans Act, 1883

( ACT NO. XIX OF 1883 )

Purposes for which loans may be granted under this Act
4. (1) Subject to such rules as may be made under Section 10, loans may be granted under this Act, by such officer as may, from time to time, be empowered in this behalf by the Government, for the purpose of making any improvement, to any person having a right to make that improvement, or, with the consent of that person, to any other person.
(2) “Improvement” means any work which adds to the letting value of a land, and includes the following, namely:-
(a) the construction of wells, tanks and other works for the storage, supply or distribution of water for the purpose of agriculture, or for the use of men and cattle employed in agriculture;
(b) the preparation of land for irrigation;
(c) the drainage, reclamation from rivers or other waters, or protection from floods or from erosion or other damage by water, of land used for agricultural purposes or waste-land which is culturable;
(d) the reclamation, clearance, enclosure or permanent improvement of land for agricultural purposes;
(e) the renewal or reconstruction of any of the foregoing works, or alterations therein or additions thereto; and
(f) such other works as the Government may, from time to time, by notification in the official Gazette, declare to be improvements for the purposes of this Act.

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