The Dhaka Metropolitan Police Ordinance, 1976

( Ordinance NO. III OF 1976 )

An Ordinance to provide for the constitution of a separate police-force for the Dhaka Metropolitan Area and for the regulation thereof.♣


WHEREAS it is expedient to provide for the constitution of a separate police-force for the Dhaka Metropolitan Area and for the regulation thereof and for matters connected therewith or ancillary thereto;


NOW, THEREFORE, in pursuance of the Proclamations of the 20th August, 1975, and 8th November, 1975, and in exercise of all powers enabling him in that behalf, the President is pleased to make and promulgate the following Ordinance:-




1. Short title, extent and commencement

2. Definitions

3. Act V of 1861 not to apply

4. Jurisdiction of District Magistrate barred in certain cases

5. Constitution of the Force

6. Superintendence of the Force

7. Police Commissioner, Additional Police Commissioners, Deputy Police Commissioners and Assistant Police Commissioners

7A. Classes and ranks of subordinate officers

8. Appointment of subordinate officers

9. Transfer

10. Auxiliary Police-Officer

11. Power of Police Commissioner to make orders for administration of the Force

12. Punishment to Subordinate Officers

13. Police-officers to be deemed always on duty

14. Resignation of Subordinate Officers

15. General duties of Police-officers

16. Duties of police-officers towards the public and arrested persons

17. Duties of police-officers to keep order in streets, etc.

18. Persons bound to conform to reasonable directions given by police-officers

19. Power of Police-officers to enforce their directives

19A. Power of police-officers to lay information, etc.

20. Power of police-officers to search suspected persons in streets, etc.

21. Enforcement of directions, notifications, public notices and orders given, issued or made under sections 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 or 32

22. Charge of unclaimed property and disposal thereof

23. Impounding of cattle

24. Powers as to inspection, search and seizure of false weights and measures

25. Power of Police Commissioner to make regulations

26. Police Commissioner may authorise erection of barriers on streets

27. Power of Police Commissioner and other police-officers to give directions to the public

28. Power of Police Commissioner to prohibit certain acts for prevention of disorder

29. Power of Police Commissioner to prohibit assembly or procession

30. Power of Police Commissioner to reserve any street or public place for any public purpose

31. Power of Police Commissioner to prohibit, restrict or regulate use of music, etc.

32. Orders for prevention of riot, etc.

33. Police to provide against disorder, etc., at places of amusement and public meetings

34.Stray dogs to be destroyed

35.Suffering or unfit animals to be destroyed

36. Employment of additional police on application

37. Employment of additional police at certain places

38. Dispersal of gangs

39. Removal of persons about to commit offence

40. Removal of persons convicted of certain offences

41. Period of operation of orders under section 38, 39 or 40

42. Hearing to be given before order under section 38, 39 or 40 is made

43. Appeal

44. Certain orders of Police Commissioner or Government not to be called in question

45. Procedure on failure of person to leave Metropolitan Area and his entry therein after removal

46. Penalty for refusal to serve as auxiliary police-officer

47. Penalty for making false statement, etc.

48. Penalty for misconduct of police-officer

49. Penalty for contravention of section 14

50. Penalty for neglect or refusal to deliver up certificate of appointment, etc.

51. Penalty for unlawful entry and search by police-officer

52. Penalty for vexatious search, detention, etc., by police-officer

53. Penalty for personal violence, threat, etc., by police-officer

54. Penalty for unnecessary delay in forwarding an arrested person

55. Penalty for unauthorised use of police uniform

56. Penalty for contravention of regulations under section 25

57. Penalty for contravention of directions under section 27

58. Penalty for contravention of prohibition under section 28

59. Penalty for contravention of order under section 29

60. Penalty for contravention of prohibition under section 30

61. Penalty for contravention of order under section 31

62. Penalty for contravention of order under section 38, 39 or 40

63. Penalty for entering or returning without permission

64. Penalty for failure to conform to directions of police-officers

65. Penalty for wrong driving and violation of traffic regulations

66. Penalty for wrong parking

67. Penalty for obstructing a footway

68. Penalty for causing obstruction in street or public places

69. Penalty for exposing anything for sale contrary to regulation

70. Penalty for letting loose any animal

71. Penalty for exposing animal or vehicle for hire or sale, etc.

72. Penalty for making or repairing vehicle in street or public place

72A. Penalty for keeping or storing building materials or other articles in street or public place

73. Penalty for slaughtering animal or cleaning a carcass

74. Penalty for soliciting for purposes of prostitution

75. Penalty for indecent behaviour in public

76. Penalty for teasing women

77. Penalty for obstructing or annoying passengers in streets

78. Penalty for misbehaviour with intent to provoke a breach of peace

79. Penalty for exhibiting mimetic, musical or other performance, etc.

80. Penalty for committing nuisance in or near street, etc.

81. Penalty for begging and exposing offensive ailments

82. Penalty for bathing or washing in places not set apart for the purpose

83. Penalty for smoking and spitting in contravention of a notice

84. Penalty for wilful trespass

85. Penalty for false alarm of fire or damage to fire-alarm

86. Penalty for being found under suspicious circumstances between sunset and sunrise

87. Penalty for carrying weapon without authority

88. Penalty for possession of property of which no satisfactory account can be given

89. Penalty for taking liquor, etc. into hospital, etc.

90. Penalty for omission by pawn-brokers, etc., to report to police possession of stolen property

91. Penalty for melting, etc., of such property

92. Penalty for gambling in street

93. Penalty for permitting disorderly conduct at places of public amusement

93A. Penalty for selling admission tickets at higher price

94. Penalty for allowing cattle to stray in street or trespass upon property

95. Penalty for affixing bills or otherwise defacing building, etc.

96. Penalty for lighting fires, discharging guns or letting off fire-works

97. Abetment of offences

98. Offences committed by firms, etc.

99. Cognizance of offences

100. Power of arrest without warrant

101. Disposal of certain specified cases

102. Power of police-officers to impose penalty in certain cases

103. Prosecution for offences under other laws not affected

103A. Requisitioning of vehicles

104. Regulations, orders, etc., not invalidated by defect of form or irregularity in procedure

105. Indemnity

105A. Limitation of legal proceedings

106. Public notices how to be given

107. Stamping of signature

108. Power of Government to include or exclude areas in or from Metropolitan Area

109. Power to make rules