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The Pharmacy Ordinance, 1976

( Ordinance NO. XIII OF 1976 )

Revocation of certificate
27. (1) The Council may, after giving the person concerned an opportunity to make representation and of being heard, revoke the certificate of registration issued to him, if such personÔÇö
(a) incurs any disqualification specified in sub-section (3) of section 24; or
(b) contravenes any of the provisions of the Poisons Act, 1919 (XII of 1919), the Dangerous Drugs Act, 1930 (II of 1930), the Drugs Act, 1940 (XXIII of 1940), or this Ordinance or of the rules made under any of these Acts; or
(c) fails or neglects to comply with any directive in respect of the profession of a pharmacist which the Government may, from time to time, issue; or
(d) is guilty of such professional misconduct as may be laid down by the Council in this behalf.
(2) Where any certificate of registration is revoked under sub-section (1), the name of the person whose certificate has been so revoked shall, after he has been given a notice in writing of such revocation, be struck off the Register in which his name was entered and his registration shall thereupon stand cancelled.
(3) The Council may, of its own motion, and shall, upon an application made in this behalf within thirty days of the receipt of the notice under sub-section (2) by the person concerned, review its decision regarding revocation of the certificate of registration; and the decision of the Council upon such review shall be final.

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