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The Chittagong Port Authority Ordinance, 1976

( Ordinance NO. LII OF 1976 )

Chapter I


2. In this Ordinance, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,-
(a) “Authority” means the Chittagong Port Authority established under section 4;
(b) “Board” means the Board of the Authority constituted under section 6;
(c) “Chairman” means the Chairman of the Board;
(d) “dock” includes basins, locks, cuts, quays, wharves, warehouses, railways and other works and things appertaining to any dock;
1[(e) “goods” includes wares, merchandise and container of every description;]
(f) “high water-mark” means a line drawn through the highest points reached by ordinary spring tides at any season of the year;
(g) “land” includes buildings and benefits arising out of land things attached to the earth or permanently fastened to anything attached to the earth and the foreshore and the bed of the river below high water-mark;
(h) “master”, when used in relation to any vessel, means any person, not being a pilot or harbour master, having for the time being command or charge of such vessel;
(i) “member” means a member of the Board;
(j) “owner”, when used in relation to goods, includes any consignor, consignee, shipper or agent for the sale, custody, shipping, clearing or removing such goods, and when used in relation to any vessel, includes any part owner, charterer, consignee of mortgagee in possession thereof;
(k) “pier” includes any stage, stairs, landing place, jetty, floating barge or pontoon and any bridge or other work connected therewith;
(l) “Port” means the Chittagong Port as for the time being defined for the purposes of this Ordinance;
(m) “prescribed” means prescribed by rules;
(n) “regulations” means regulations made under this Ordinance;
(o) “rules” means rules made under this Ordinance;
(p) “vessel” includes any ship, barge, boat, raft or craft, or any other thing whatever, designed or used for the transport by water of passengers or goods;
(q) “wharf ” includes any bank of the river which may be improved to facilitate the loading or unloading of goods, and any foreshore used for the same, and any wall enclosing or adjoining such bank or foreshore.

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    Clause (e) was substituted by section 2 of the Mongla Port Authority (Amendment) Act, 1995 (Act No. XX of 1995)
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