The Inland Shipping Ordinance, 1976

( Ordinance NO. LXXII OF 1976 )

3. Inland ships to be surveyed and registered

4. Places of survey and registry

5. Powers of surveyors and registrars

5A. Approval of design and plan of an inland ship

5B. Construction Survey, etc.

5C. Delegation of functions to the Classification Society, etc.

5D. Marking of Ship

6. Survey fee, etc.

7. Declaration of surveyor

8. [Omitted]

9. Grant of certificate of survey

10. Certificate of survey to be affixed in conspicuous part of inland ship

11. Duration of certificate of survey

12. Renewal of certificate of survey

13. Delivery of expired or cancelled certificate

14. Power for Government to direct survey by more than one surveyor

15. Power for Government to order a second survey

16. Division of duties when more than one surveyor employed

17. Application for registration

18. Grant of certificate of registration

19. Display of registration number

20. Maintenance of book of registry

21. Certificate of registry to be carried on board

22. Loss, etc. of certificate of registry

23. Notice in respect of loss, etc. of ship

24. Change of ownership

25. Ownership acquired outside Bangladesh to be reported to registrar

26. Transfer of registered inland ship

27. Registration of ship transferred to Bangladesh national

28. Registration, etc., in case of loss, etc., of certificate of transfer

29. Ships when altered are to be registered anew

30. Duration of certificate of registry, etc.

31. Submission of report regarding registry, etc.

32. Reciprocity in the matter of recognition of certificates of survey and registry

33. Voyage of ships without certificate of survey prohibited

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