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The Inland Shipping Ordinance, 1976

( Ordinance NO. LXXII OF 1976 )

Chapter V


Carriage of dangerous goods
57. (1) Except in accordance with such conditions and after taking such precautions as may be prescribed, no inland ship shall carry on board any dangerous goods.
(2) No person shall-
(a) take with him on board an inland ship any dangerous goods without permission of the owner or the master of the ship, or
(b) deliver or tender for carriage by such ship any dangerous goods without such permission and without distinctly marking their nature on the outside of the package or receptacle containing the goods.
(3) If the owner or master of an inland ship suspects, or has reason to believe, that any luggage or parcel taken or delivered or tendered for carriage, on the ship contains dangerous goods, he may,-
(a) refuse to carry it by the ship;
(b) require it to be opened to ascertain the nature of its contents; or
(c) if it has been received for carriage, stop its transit until he is satisfied as to the nature of its contents.
(4) Where any dangerous goods have been taken or delivered on board any inland ship in contravention of this section, the owner or master of the vessel may, if he thinks fit, cause the goods to be thrown overboard or destroyed, together with any package or receptacle in which they are contained; and neither the owner nor the master shall, in respect of his having so caused the goods to be thrown overboard or destroyed be subject to any liability, civil or criminal in any Court.

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