The Ferries Act, 1885

( ACT NO. I OF 1885 )

1♣An Act to regulate Ferries in Bangladesh.
WHEREAS it is expedient to regulate ferries in Bangla-desh; It is enacted as follows:-



1. Short title

2. Extent and commencement

3. [Omitted]

4. Act not to apply to municipal ferries

5. Interpretation

6. Power to declare, establish, define and discontinue public ferries

7. Control of public ferries vested in the Magistrate of the district

8. Superintendence of public ferries

9. Ferry tolls may be leased by auction

Execution of contract by lessee

10. Lessee of the tolls of a public ferry and his servants bound to conform to rules

11. Provision for the establishment of subsidiary ferry

12. Recovery of arrears from lessee

13. Power to cancel lease

14. Surrender of lease

15. Power to make rules in regard to public ferries

16. Private ferry not to ply within two miles of public ferry without sanction

17. Claims for compensation and what amount to be awarded

18. Tolls

19. Table of tolls

20. [Omitted]

21. Compounding for tolls

22. Power to make rules in regard to private ferries

23. Penalty for breach of provisions as to table of tolls, list of tolls and return of traffic

24. Penalty for taking unauthorised tolls, and for causing delay

25. Penalty for breach of rules made under sections 15 and 22

26. Cancellation of lease on default or breach of rules

27. Penalties on passengers offending

28. Penalty for plying within public ferry-course without license

29. Fines payable to lessee

30. Penalty for rash navigation and stacking of timber

31. Power to arrest without warrant

32. Magistrate may assess damage done by offender

33. Power to take possession of boats and other appliances on surrender or cancellation of lease

34. Similar power in cases of emergency

35. Management may be vested in local authority

36. Delegation of powers