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The Ferries Act, 1885

( ACT NO. I OF 1885 )

Penalties on passengers offending
27. Every person crossing by any public ferry who refuses to pay the proper toll, and every person-
who, with intent to avoid payment of such toll, fraudulently or forcibly crosses by any such ferry without paying the toll, or
who obstructs any toll-collector, or lessee of the tolls of any public ferry, or any of his assistants, in any way in the execution of their duty under this Act, or
who, after being warned by any such toll-collector, lessee or assistant not to do so, goes, or takes any animals, vehicles or other things, into any ferry boat, or upon any bridge at such a ferry, which is in such a state or so loaded as to endanger human life or property, or
who refuses or neglects to leave, or remove any animals, vehicles or goods from any such ferry-boat or bridge on being requested by such toll-collector, lessee or assistant to do so, or
who moors any boat, raft or other substance to, or in any way obstructs, any part of a public ferry.
shall be punished with fine which may extend to fifty Taka.

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