The Paurashava Ordinance, 1977 (Ordinance)

( Ordinance NO. XXVI OF 1977 )

3. Declaration of urban area

4. Declaration of municipality and alteration of limits thereof

4A. Municipality to be administrative Unit

5. Constitution of Paurashavas

6. Composition of Paurashava

7. [Term of Paurashavas, etc.]

8. Oath of office

9. Declaration of properties

10. Qualifications and disqualifications of Chairman and commissioners of Paurashavas

11. Persons not to be candidate for two offices

12. Resignation of Chairman and commissioners

13. Removal of Chairman and commissioners

14. Vacation of office of Chairman and Commissioners

15. Casual vacancy

16. Leave of absence of Chairman

17. Panel of Chairman

18. Notification of election, etc.

18A. Appointment of an Administrator in certain circumstances

18B. Certain persons deemed to be commissioners

Chapter II


19. Wards

20. Appointment of delimitation officers

21. Delimitation of wards

21A. Delimitation of wards of reserved seats

22. Electoral roll

23. Right to vote

24. Election of [* * *] commissioners

25. Conduct of elections

26. Publication of results of election of Chairman and [Commissioner [* * *]]

26A. [Omitted.]

27. Election petitions

28. Appointment of Tribunals

29. Power to transfer election petitions

30. Trial of election petitions

31. Compulsory and optional functions of Paurashavas

32. Transfer of functions from a Paurashava to the Government and vice versa

33. Executive powers

34. Disposal of business

35. Committees and sub-committees

36. Municipal Improvement Sub-Committee

37. Contracts

38. Works

39. Record, reports and returns

40. Paurashava Service

41. Officers and employees of Paurashavas

42. Chief Executive Officer

43. Provident Fund, etc.

44. Service matters to be prescribed

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