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The Paurashava Ordinance, 1977 (Ordinance)

( Ordinance NO. XXVI OF 1977 )

Chapter IV


Disposal of carcasses
94. Whenever an animal in the charge of a person dies, otherwise than by being slaughtered for sale or consumption, or for some other religious purpose, such person shall either-
(a) convey the carcass within twenty-four hours to a place, if any, fixed by the Paurashava for the disposal of the carcass, or to a place beyond the limits of the Municipality, not being a place within one mile of such limits; or
(b) give notice of the death to the Paurashava whereupon the Paurashava shall cause the carcass to be disposed of and charge such fees from the person concerned as the by-laws may provide.
Explanation.- In this section, “animal” shall be deemed to mean all horned cattle, elephants, camels, horses, ponies, asses, mules, deer, sheep, goats, swine, dogs, cats and other large animals.

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