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The Paurashava Ordinance, 1977 (Ordinance)

( Ordinance NO. XXVI OF 1977 )

Chapter V


Execution of Site Development Schemes
97. (1) The execution of a Site Development Schemes shall be subject to the inspection and control of the Paurashava, and the Paurashava may give such directions with regard to the execution of the Scheme as may be necessary for the proper development of site.
(2) If any area is developed or otherwise dealt with in contravention of the provisions of the sanctioned Site Development Scheme, the Paurashava may, by notice, require the owner of such area or the person who has contravened the provisions to make such alteration in the site as may be specified in the notice and where such alteration is not made or for any reason cannot be carried out, the Paurashava may, in the prescribed manner, require and enforce the demolition of the offending structure, and notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any law, no compensation shall be payable for such demolition.
(3) If an area for which a Site Development Scheme has been sanctioned is not developed within the period provided in the Site Development Scheme, and further extension is not allowed by the Paurashava or if the development is not in conformity with the terms of the Site Development Scheme, the Paurashava may, in the prescribed manner, take over the development of the site and execute the necessary works, and the cost incurred thereon by the Paurashava shall be deemed to be a tax levied on the owner or owners under this Ordinance.

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