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The Telegraph Act, 1885

( ACT NO. XIII OF 1885 )

Power to make rules for the conduct of telegraphs
7. (1) The Government may, from time to time, by notification in the official Gazette, make rules consistent with this Act for the conduct of all or any telegraphs established, maintained or worked by the Government or by persons licensed under this Act.
(2) Rules under this section may provide for all or any of the following, among other matters, that is to say:-
(a) the rates at which, and the other conditions and restrictions subject to which, messages shall be transmitted;
(b) the precautions to be taken for preventing the improper interception or disclosure of messages;
(c) the period for which, and the conditions subject to which, telegrams and other documents belonging to, or being in the custody of, telegraph officers shall be preserved; and
(d) the fees to be charged for searching for telegrams or other documents in the custody of any telegraph officer.
(3) When making rules for the conduct of any telegraph established, maintained or worked by any person licensed under this Act, the Government may, by the rules, prescribe fines for any breach of the same:
Provided that the fines so prescribed shall not exceed the following limits, namely:-
(i) when the person licensed under this Act is punishable for the breach, one thousand Taka and in the case of a continuing breach a further fine of two hundred Taka for everyday after the first during the whole or any part of which the breach continues;
(ii) when a servant of the person so licensed, or any other person, is punishable for the breach, one-fourth of the amounts specified in clause (i).
[7A. If any person does not pay any sum due from him under this Act in respect of any telegraph or message, the sum so due may, on application made by the telegraph authority in this behalf, be recovered from such person, as if it were a fine imposed under this Act by any Magistrate having jurisdiction where that person may for the time being be resident; and the telegraph authority may further direct that any message, or postal article as defined in clause (i) of section 2 of the Post Office Act, 1898 not being on Bangladesh State Service, addressed to that person, shall be withheld from him until the sum so due is paid or recovered as aforesaid.]

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