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The Tea Ordinance, 1977

( Ordinance NO. XXXVIII OF 1977 )

Chapter IV


Power to call for information, etc.
25. (1) The Board may, for the purposes of this Ordinance, at any time, by notified order, direct such person or class of persons as may be specified in the order to maintain such accounts and furnish such returns or other information relating to their business of cultivation, production, manufacture, sale or purchase of tea to the Board or to such officer subordinate to the Board within such period, and giving such particulars, as may be specified.
(2) Any person authorised in this behalf by the Board or any member authorised by the Chairman in writing or any officer of the Board, may, at all reasonable times, enter any estate or any place or premises where tea or tea waste is manufactured, stored, kept or exposed for sale and may require the production for his inspection of any book, register, record or other paper kept therein and ask for any information relating to the cultivation, production, manufacture, storage or keeping for sale of tea or tea waste.
(3) Any person who obstructs or interferes in the due discharge of duties of such person, member or officer or who fails to produce documents or other materials on demand shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine or with both.

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