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The Rural Electrification Board Ordinance, 1977

( Ordinance NO. LI OF 1977 )

Functions of the Board
8. The functions of the Board shall be-
(a) to establish electricity generation, transmission, transformation and distribution systems in the rural areas of Bangladesh;
(b) to take measures for effective use of electricity to foster rural development with special emphasis on increase of use of electric power for economic pursuits, such as development of agriculture and establishment of rural industries and assisting the disadvantaged sections of the community for augmenting their income and standard of living;
(c) to determine, with the approval of the Government, the criteria for rural electrification and associated works to ensure optimum use of resources and maximum socio-economic benefits;
(d) to conduct surveys and feasibility studies and prepare schemes for establishment of electrical systems in the rural areas and to provide for prompt utilisation of electrical power for socio-economic benefits to the community;
(e) to submit reports and schemes to the Government for approval and to execute the approved schemes;
(f) to take over from the Bangladesh Power Development Board and other organisations electric systems together with the assets and liabilities relating thereto and arrange for their management;
(g) to organise the prospective consumers of electricity into formal and informal groups, such as Palli Bidyut Samities, electric and other co-operatives, societies, associations and companies for the purpose of execution and management of schemes and providing related services;
(h) to prescribe by-laws for the Samities and other groups for their registration with the Board and determining the manner of their functioning;
(i) to receive grants and raise loans from the Government and other bodies and individuals for creating funds for the purpose of carrying out its business;
(j) to advance funds, on such terms and conditions as it may determine, to any Samity or other group for the execution of approved schemes, operation and management of works and services and providing loans to their members for the purpose of obtaining electric connections and equipping them for productive utilisation of electrical power;
(k) to hand over to any Samity or other group completed schemes for operation and management on such terms and conditions as it may determine;
(l) to organise effective programme for preparation, execution, operation, and management of rural electrification programmes and related works;
(m) to prescribe standards for work, equipment, operation, maintenance, procurement and warehousing personnel and fiscal administration and other aspects of management to be followed by the Board as well as by the Samities and other groups registered by it;
(n) to prescribe relending terms for the Samities and other groups borrowing funds from the Board and prescribe regulations for project appraisal and credit administration;
(o) to cooperate with agencies of the Government, interested non-government bodies as well as local administration and local authorities in rural development works and to take initiative for promotion of setting up of rural industries, boosting irrigation and drainage and augmenting commercial and domestic use of electricity;
(p) to enter into any business, including manufacture of electric equipment, and to enter into any contract and arrangements with others for efficient discharge of its functions;
(q) to conduct research and evaluation to adjudge the effectiveness of its programmes as well as those of others in the relevant fields;
(r) to take such other measures and exercise such other powers as it considers necessary or expedient for carrying out its functions under this Ordinance.

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