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The Bangladesh Sericulture Board Ordinance, 1977

( Ordinance NO. LXII OF 1977 )

2. In this Ordinance, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,-
(a) “Board” means the Bangladesh Sericulture Board established under section 3;
(b) “Chairman” means the Chairman of the Board appointed under section 6;
(c) “filature raw silk” means raw silk reeled from silkworm cocoons with the help of any instrument worked by any form of energy, including electrical energy, which is mechanically transmitted and is not generated by human or animal agency;
(d) “member” means a member of the Board and includes the Chairman;
(e) “prescribed” means prescribed by rules or regulations made under this Ordinance;
(f) “regulations” means regulations made under section 21;
(g) “rules” means rules made under section 20;
(h) “spun silk” means silk yarn spun from pierced or spoilt cocoons, Eri cocoons, pieces of silk, noils or other silk waste.

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