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The Bangladesh Sericulture Board Ordinance, 1977

( Ordinance NO. LXII OF 1977 )

Functions of the Board
8. The functions of the Board shall be-
(a) to plan and develop sericulture and silk industry;
(b) to undertake, assist or encourage scientific, technological and economic research and training in sericulture;
(c) to devise means for improved methods of mulberry cultivation, castor cultivation and other related plants;
(d) to rear, develop and distribute healthy silkworm seeds;
(e) to reel silkworm cocoons and to improve the quality and production of raw silk, if necessary, by making it compulsory for all raw silk to be marketed only after the same has been tested and graded in properly equipped raw silk conditioning houses;
(f) to provide technical advice to the persons engaged in charkha reeling and filature;
(g) to improve the quality of raw silk and silk products;
(h) to collect and collate statistics on sericulture and sericulture industry;
(i) to make arrangements for credit facilities for sericulturists;
(j) to make arrangements for supply to silk reelers, weavers and printers of necessary raw materials including dyes, chemicals, spares and accessories as required for sericulture and silk industry at fair price;
(k) to make arrangements for marketing of sericulture and silk products and publicity for their popularisation both at home and abroad;
(l) to render promotional and extension facilities for standardisation of silk products for export and to provide for training facilities to silk rearers, reelers, spinners, weavers and printers;
(m) to prepare, implement and operate common facilities schemes for the persons engaged in sericulture and sericulture industry;
(n) to take steps for establishment of spun silk mills;
(o) to collect cess;
(p) to do such acts and things as may be necessary or convenient to be done in connection with, or incidental or conductive to, the performance of the aforesaid functions.

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