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The Prevention of Malaria (Special Provisions) Ordinance, 1978

( Ordinance NO. IV OF 1978 )

Power to require and prohibit doing of certain things
3. (1) The Government or any person authorised by it in this behalf may, by order,-
(a) require any person to undergo medical examination and treatment;
(b) require every person having knowledge or information of any case of malaria or suspected malaria to report the case to any specified authority;
(c) require every person coming from a malarious area and entering into a malaria-free area to report for examination at the nearest malaria detection post on arrival at the destination;
(d) require any employer in the district of Chittagong Hill Tracts to furnish to the nearest malaria detection post particulars of his employees coming from any other district so that necessary measures for their protection against malaria may be adopted;
(e) prohibit from washing, white-washing, plastering, painting or applying any other surface treatment with respect to any building or other premises sprayed with insecticide during a period of five months from such spraying; and
(f) prohibit doing of anything with respect to any engineering, agricultural and industrial projects which may increase the extent and spread of malaria.
(2) Any person authorised in this behalf by the Government may apply insecticide, collect mosquitoes, check insecticide deposits, take blood films and do such other acts as are considered necessary to control or prevent malaria or to collect information relating to malaria and for any such purpose enter into any premises.

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