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The Bangla Academy Ordinance, 1978

( Ordinance NO. XIX OF 1978 )

Functions of the Academy
6. (1) The functions of the Academy shall be-
(a) to develop, foster and promote the Bengali language, literature and culture in accordance with the national aspirations;
(b) to facilitate the introduction of Bengali language in all spheres of life in Bangladesh;
(c) to translate, coin, prepare, adopt, develop and popularise Bengali vocabulary for foreign words and phrases, scientific, technical and official terms;
(d) to produce, translate and make available in the Bengali language suitable reading materials, including advanced treaties on the various branches of science and technology as well as reference works, dictionaries, bibliographies and encyclopaedia;
(e) to make arrangement for research on development of the Bengali language and literature and, for that purpose, to enter into contract with experts and to maintain close relationship with the universities and other organisations;
(f) to set up branches of the Academy within Bangladesh with a view to fostering research, literary, cultural and other activities;
(g) to render financial help to the indigent but meritorious Bengali writers and research workers;
(h) to engage individuals or organisations or both for undertaking specific work for the Academy;
(i) to award prizes and rewards to persons who, in the opinion of the Parishad have made notable contributions to the upliftment of the Bengali language and literature or to the study of science;
(j) to organise, create or abolish Divisions of the Academy and to control their activities;
(k) to determine the terms and conditions of service of the employees of the Academy other than the employees on deputation from Government service;
(l) to confer the honour of being a Patron, Fellow, Life Member or Member of the Academy on any person who is, in the opinion of the Parishad, fit to be so honoured:
Provided that the Academy shall take prior approval of the Government before conferring any of the aforesaid honour upon a foreign national and the foreign national so honoured shall not take part in any election under this Ordinance or the rules made thereunder;
(m) to do such other acts and things as may be necessary to be done in connection with the performance of the aforesaid functions.
(2) Without prejudice to the provisions of sub-section (1), the Government may direct the Academy to take over the functions of any organisations, engaged in the cultivation of the Bengali language, literature or culture, set up under a statute, resolution, order or instrument of the Government; and upon so taking over, all assets and liabilities of such organisations shall vest in the Academy.

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