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The Chittagong Metropolitan Police Ordinance, 1978

( Ordinance NO. XLVIII OF 1978 )

Chapter IV


Powers as to inspection, search and seizure of false weights and measures
25. (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in section 153 of the Code, any police-officer generally or specially authorised by the Police Commissioner in this behalf may without warrant enter any shop or premises for the purpose of inspecting or searching for any weights or measures or instruments for weighing or measuring used or kept therein.
(2) If such police-officer finds in such shop or premises weights, measures or instruments for weighing or measuring which he has reason to believe are false, he may seize the same and shall forthwith give information of such seizure to the Police Commissioner, and if such weights, measures or instruments are found by the Police Commissioner to be false, they shall be destroyed.
(3) Weights and measures purporting to be of the same denomination as weights and measures, the standards whereof are kept under any law for the time being in force, shall, if they do not correspond with the said standards, be deemed to be false within the meaning of this section.

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