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The Chittagong Metropolitan Police Ordinance, 1978

( Ordinance NO. XLVIII OF 1978 )

Chapter V


Power of Police Commissioner to make regulation
26. (1) The Police Commissioner may, with the prior approval of the Government, make regulations, not inconsistent with any provision of this Ordinance or the rules made thereunder, for-
(a) licensing and controlling persons offering themselves for employment at jetties, railway stations and landing places for the carriage of passengers' baggages, and fixing and providing for the enforcement of a scale of charges for the labour of such person when so employed;
(b) regulating the conditions under which vehicles may remain standing in streets and public places, and the use of streets as halting places for vehicles or cattle;
(c) regulating traffic of all kinds in streets and public places, and the use of streets and public places by persons riding, driving, cycling, walking or leading or accompanying cattle, so as to prevent danger, obstruction or inconvenience to the public;
(d) prescribing the number and position of lights to be used on vehicles in streets and the hours between which such lights shall be used;
(e) prescribing certain hours of the day during which cattle shall not be driven along the streets, or along certain specified streets, except subject to such conditions as he may specify in that behalf;
(f) regulating and controlling the manner and mode of conveying timber, scaffold poles, ladders, iron girders, beams, bars, boilers or other unwieldy articles through the streets, and the route and hours for such conveyance;
(g) licensing, controlling or, in order to prevent the obstruction, inconvenience or annoyance to the residents or passengers in the vicinity, prohibiting the playing of music, the beating of drums or other instruments and the blowing or sounding of horns or other noisy instruments in or near streets or public places;
(h) regulating the conduct, behaviour or action of persons constituting assemblies and processions on or along the streets and prescribing, in the case of processions, the routes by which, the order in which and the time at which the same may pass;
(i) prohibiting the hanging or placing of any cord or pole across a street, or the making of a projection or structure so as to obstruct traffic or the free access of light and air;
(j) prohibiting or controlling the placing of building materials or other articles or the fastening or detention of any animal in any street or public place;
(k) licensing, controlling or, in order to prevent obstruction, inconvenience or annoyance to the residents or passengers in the vicinity, prohibiting-
(i) the illumination of streets and public places and the exteriors of buildings abutting thereon by persons other than employees of Government or of a local authority duly authorised in that behalf ;
(ii) the blasting of rock or making excavations in or near streets or public places;
(iii) the using of a loudspeaker in or near any public place or in any place of public entertainment;
(l) closing certain streets or places temporarily, in cases of danger from ruinous buildings or other cause;
(m) guarding against injury to person and property in the construction, repair and demolition of buildings, platforms and other structures from which danger may arise to the passenger, neighbour or public;
(n) prohibiting or regulating the setting fire to or burning any straw or other matter or lighting a bonfire or letting off or throwing a firework in or upon a street or building or the putting up of any post or other thing on the side of or across, a street for the purpose of affixing thereto lamps or other contrivances for illumination;
(o) licensing or controlling places of public amusement or entertainment;
(p) regulating the means of entrance and exit at places of public amusement, entertainment or assembly, and providing for the maintenance of public safety and the prevention of disturbance thereat;
(q) licensing or controlling the musical, dancing, mimetic, theatrical or other performances for public amusement, and regulating, in the interest of public order, decency or morality, the employment of artists and the conduct of the artists and audience at such performances and the hours during which and the places at which such performances may be given;
(r) regulating or prohibiting the sale of any ticket or issue of any pass for admission to a place of public amusement;
(s) fixing the fees to be charged for any licence or permission required under this Ordinance.
(2) The power of making regulations under this section shall be subject to the condition of the regulations being made after previous publication, and every regulation made under this section shall be published in the official Gazette and in the locality affected thereby by affixing copies thereof in conspicuous places near to the building, structure, work or place, as the case may be, to which the same specially relates or by advertising the same in such local newspapers as the Police Commissioner may deem fit:
Provided that any such regulation may be made without previous publication if the Government is satisfied that circumstances exist which renders it necessary that such regulation should be brought into force at once.

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