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The Chittagong Metropolitan Police Ordinance, 1978

( Ordinance NO. XLVIII OF 1978 )

Chapter V


Suffering or unfit animals to be destroyed
37. Any police-officer who in any street or public place finds any animal so diseased, or so severely injured, and in such a physical condition, that, in his opinion, it should be destroyed, shall, if the owner is absent or refuses to consent to the destruction of the animal at once, summon the veterinary officer in charge of the area in which the animal is found and, if the veterinary officer certifies that the animal is so diseased or so severely injured, or in such a physical condition, that it is cruel to keep it alive, the police-officer may, without the consent of the owner, destroy the animal or cause it to be destroyed:
Provided that if in the opinion of the veterinary officer the animal can be removed from the place where it is found without causing it great suffering, he may direct the police-officer to remove the animal before it is destroyed from the place where it is found to such other place as he may think fit:
Provided further that when the animal is destroyed in any street or public place it shall, as far as possible, be screened from the public gaze while it is being destroyed.

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