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The International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh, Ordinance, 1978

( Ordinance NO. LI OF 1978 )

Aims and objectives of the Centre
5. (1) The aims and objectives of the Centre shall be:-
(a) To function as an institution to undertake and promote study, research and dissemination of knowledge in diarrhoeal diseases and directly related subjects of nutrition and fertility with a view to developing improved methods of health care and for the prevention and control of diarrhoeal diseases and improvement of public health programmes with special relevance to developing countries.
(b) To provide facilities for training to Bangladeshi and other nationals in areas of the Centre's competence in collaboration with national and international institutions, but not to include conferring of academic degrees.
(2) In fulfilling the above aims and objectives, the Centre shall have responsibilities:-
(a) To conduct clinical research, laboratory and animal experiments, epidemiological and survey research, field investigations, demonstration projects, within the applicable laws and regulations, or concurrence where necessary, of the Government and other countries where it may be appropriate; to hold meetings and to arrange lectures, seminars, discussions and conferences, both international and national, on clinical medicine, epidemiology, basic medical sciences, bio-statistics, demography, fertility and other social sciences relating to studies of diarrhoeal disease control and public health, in this section referred to as the studies.
(b) To publish books, periodicals, reports and research and working papers on the studies.
(c) To establish and maintain contact with scholars and their work on the studies through collaborative studies, seminars, exchange of visits or otherwise.
(d) To undertake studies on behalf of or in collaboration with other institutions.
(e) To maintain hospitals, clinics, laboratories, animal research facilities, libraries, reading rooms, scientific equipment and instruments, as well as vehicles, boats and other transport for its proper functioning.
(f) To ensure the rights and opportunities of Bangladesh scientific personnel to participate in the programme and activities of the Centre.
(g) To undertake a systematic staff development programme.
(h) To institute fellowships for different categories of professional workers on the studies.
(i) To create within itself, from time to time, branches, divisions, sections and other units for proper and efficient conduct of the activities of the Centre in different fields of the studies.
(j) To accept endowments, gifts, donations, grants, other funds, payments for services and to earn income.
(k) To take such other actions as may further the aims and objectives of the Centre.

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