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The International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh, Ordinance, 1978

( Ordinance NO. LI OF 1978 )

Interim International Committee
6. (1) There shall be an Interim International Committee for the purpose of assisting in the establishment of the Centre. The Interim Committee shall consist of the United Nations Development Programme which shall be its Chairman and the following initial members, namely:-
(a) the Government of Australia;
(b) the Government of Bangladesh;
(c) the Government of the United Kingdom;
(d) the Government of the United States of America;
(e) the Ford Foundation;
(f) the International Development Research Centre;
(g) the United Nations Fund for Population Activities;
(h) the United Nations Children Fund; and
(i) the World Health Organisation.
(2) The Chairman of the Interim Committee may invite any other Government or Organisation to become members of the Interim Committee or to attend its meeting as observers.
(3) The Interim Committee shall function through the representatives of its members. It shall meet at the call of the Chairman and shall conduct its business at such meeting. The decision of a meeting shall be taken either by consensus or by a majority of votes of the members present and voting, including the Chairman, each member having one vote. Majority of the members of the Interim Committee including its Chairman shall constitute a quorum. Subject to these provisions, the business of the Interim Committee shall be regulated by the rules of procedure adopted by it.
(4) Unless otherwise decided by the Interim Committee the Secretariat of the Interim Committee shall be located in the premises of the Cholera Research Laboratory.
(5) The Interim Committee shall take steps for the establishment of the Board. For this purpose it shall elect not less than seven nor more than eleven members for the first Board to be constituted under this Ordinance. It shall also specify the date on which the first Board shall assume its functions under this Ordinance.
(6) The Interim Committee shall stand dissolved on the day on which the Board holds its first meeting, unless the Board by a Resolution continues the existence of the Interim Committee for such period and for the purpose as may be specified in the Resolution.

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