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The Acquisition and Requisition of Immovable Property Ordinance, 1982

( Ordinance NO. II OF 1982 )

Matters not to be considered in determining compensation
9. In determining the amount of compensation to be awarded for any property to be acquired under this Part, the Deputy Commissioner shall not take into consideration-
(a) the degree of urgency which has led to the acquisition;
(b) any disinclination of the person interested to part with the property to be acquired;
(c) any damage that may be sustained by him which, if caused by a private person, would not render such person liable to a suit;
(d) any damage which is likely to be caused to the property to be acquired, after the date of service of notice under section 6, by or in consequence of the use to which it will be put;
(e) any increase to the value of the property to be acquired likely to accrue from the use to which it will be put when acquired; or
(f) any alteration or improvement in, or disposal of, the property to be acquired, made or effected without the sanction of the Deputy Commissioner after the date of publication of the notice under section 3.

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