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The Merchandise Marks Act, 1889

( ACT NO. IV OF 1889 )


Stamping of length of piece-goods manufactured in Bangladesh
12. (1) Piece-goods, such as are ordinarily sold by length or by the piece, which have been manufactured in premises which are a factory as defined in the 1[Factories Act, 1934,] shall not be removed from those premises without having conspicuously stamped in English numerals on each piece the length thereof in standard yards, or in standard yards and a fraction of such a yard, according to the real length of the piece.
(2) If any person removes or attempts to remove any such piece-goods from any such premises without the length of each piece being stamped in the manner mentioned in sub-section (1), every such piece, and everything used for the packing or removal thereof, shall be forfeited to Government, and such person shall be punished with fine which may extend to one thousand Taka.

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